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Light the Bonfire of Love with Chocolate Logs!

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Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Lag b’Omer, Beautiful People! Our sages said, „Who is wise? One who learns from every person” (Ethics of Our Fathers, 4:1). The first person in our lives we have a chance to learn from is MOTHER. From her we learn kindness, caring, and most importantly, unconditional love. Sometimes, it’s not a biological mother who does the mothering in one’s life, as proven by a phone call I just received from my adopted son. Here is a musical tribute to all mothers by the great Itzhak Perlman and the renown cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot.

This year, Mother’s Day coincided with a Jewish holiday Lag b’Omer. It is one of the less known holidays, yet a very important one. We celebrate it by lighting bonfires in memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai who was called „Botzina Kadisha” („The Sacred Lamp”) and whose teachings „illuminate the…

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The Holocaust, miracles and revenge

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

On April 24th Israelis will commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.  This is not the same date as the International Holocaust Memorial Day. This date was chosen to emphasize the place of the Holocaust in the story of the Jewish people.

We do this by first celebrating Passover. One week later, we mark Holocaust Memorial Day.  Exactly one week after that is Memorial Day for IDF soldiers and victims of terrorism.  The following day is a joyful celebration, Israel’s Independence Day.

This pattern is deliberate. The message is very clear. The exodus from slavery to freedom is an on-going journey.  As we acknowledge during the Passover Seder: “In every generation [enemies] rise up against us, to destroy us, and every time God saves us from their hands.”

In other words, our very existence is a miracle.

The Passover story is relevant to our modern experiences. The lessons remain the same. The defiance…

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.Today is the 7th and last day of Pesach.We remember how on that day Moses led the newly-forming Jewish People out of Egypt through the split waters of the sea.”And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all the night,…

via Splitting the waters — Jerusalem Hills daily photo

Falafel Frida Defies Pharaoh

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Sursă: Falafel Frida Defies Pharaoh

5 easy things anyone can do to help Israel

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

I’m writing this following a question from a friend overseas who asked me: “Besides sharing the truth about Israel, what can we do to help?” There are obviously many things that can be done. These are a just a few easy suggestions I put together to show how anyone, with little effort can make a difference.

What can I do to help Israel?

Spread truth –

The media war is just as important, and sometimes more so, than the war on the ground. There are more people involved in spreading lies than those involved and passionate about the truth. You can make a difference! Even a single candle can light the darkness.

Convenient sources:

  • Inspiration from Zion (my blog) – the untold and inspiring stories of Israel, see the real Israel and get inspiration for your personal life
  • StandWithUs – swiftly updating important and interesting stories from Israel. Subscribe to…

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Precizare -Disclaimer

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Nu închid blogul,dar nu voi adăuga posturi noi.
Cele postate rămân deschise pentru cine vrea să vadă.
Voi introduce moderarea la comentarii(altfel sunt mari șanse să nu le văd,dacă vor fi).
Chiar dacă voi fi fizic mai puțin timp prezent pe blog, spiritul de „tu1074” va pluti deasupra blogului și a întreagei blogosfere 🙂 😀

I will not close the blog
but I will not add new posts.
The posted postes remain open to whoever wants to see them.
I will introduce moderating in comments(other ways I may not see them if they will be any)
Even if I will be physically less time present on the blog,the spirit of ”tu1074” will float above the blog and entire blogosphere 🙂 😀

Locuri și numele lor… Places

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Cheile Turzii -COL.029Cheile Turzii -COL. 030…fiecare loc cu numele său… Places and their names

Tomorrow we can go see him and hug him…

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

„So tomorrow we can go see him and hug him” I said. Lenny had woken me up to tell me that Haim had come home from the Gaza.

Haim is the son of one of Lenny’s childhood friends. I’ve known Haim almost a decade. Lenny has known him since infancy. He was always charismatic. Even as a small child. Haim has a friendly charm that makes you smile and an exuberant personality that can’t be ignored. 

He is a paratrooper and was one of the IDF soldiers on the ground in Gaza. Now he had come home.

Haim is just a few years older than Lenny’s sons and because of this Lenny had a visceral reaction to his life being in danger on the frontline. He imagined more vividly than ever before what it will be like to be in the position of a parent trying to go about his…

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Love your neighbor as yourself…

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

Israelis argue, complain and criticize. A lot. Israelis are loud, nosey, opinionated and brutally honest. Being polite or diplomatic is not our strong suite.

Living in Israel is not easy. Our „neighborhood” is not nice – this current war with Hamas is just one example… In addition, Israelis themselves can be very difficult.

So what’s the point? Why bother?

It’s very simple (and yet very complicated). The answer is LOVE.

Love your neighbor as yourself, as if he or she was you.  I’m sure this sounds like a nice theory to many but just that – a theory. In Israel it’s not theory, it is reality. It’s not something conscious and it’s not taught in school. It’s just considered „doing the right thing”, „being a good person”.

Israel is like a family. Brothers may beat each other up, may not even speak to each other but when one is bullied…

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The 2000 year old hope to be free in our own country

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

Israeli mother shields her daughter with her own body Israeli mother shields her daughter with her own body

Imagine you are walking down the road with your child. Sirens go off, warning of in-coming missiles. If you are lucky. You have 15 seconds to find shelter. There is a bomb shelter but it is too far away. What do you do?  A missile can hit you. It could hit next to you fling shrapnel that pierces your body. How do you protect your child?

In the picture you can see a mother in a southern town of Israel, caught outside with no way of protecting her child. Covering the girl with her own body she waits for the explosion. Where will it hit? A direct hit will kill them both. If shrapnel flies maybe she will succeed in protecting her daughter. She might not live through it but, hopefully her daughter will.

This is the reality for thousands of…

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Monumentul Diviziei „Negev” în Beer Sheva

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2014-6D 811    Negev Brigade  Memorial in Beer Sheva- În orașul Beer Sheva se află Monumentul memorial al Diviziei „Negev” care a participat la numeroase operațiuni în deșertul Negev în timpul războiului de independență în 1948.

De ziua copiilor !

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De 1 iunie salut

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tuturor copiilor,din partea copiilor din familia noastră

Miercurea fără cuvinte(21)…pauză,fără cuvinte.

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De-un timp,tot mai des, mi se întâmplă să fiu nemulțumit de ceea ce  „produc”. Așadar și prin urmare :

Vă pupă moșu’  vă dorește multă multă sănătate, să găsiți tot binele și toată fericirea din lume  !!! Poate ne vom reîntâlni aici,dar se poate că voi reveni cu vreun pseudonim. Ne-om întâlni noi cumva,cândva,undeva,că doară munte cu munte se-ntâlneşte, d-apăi om cu om !

000203F2și ca să nu vă mistuie dorul de mine 😆 😆 😆 iată-mă în carne și oase(oasele nu se văd din cauza cărnii 😉 ) și…fotoliu.Je-ul aici pe „moșia” mea 😆scan0005-002 aici la „vânătoare” 😆

…un gând bun de la mine,toate cele bune vă doresc și blogăreală plăcută în continuare 😆 !!!

Cu CARMEN,Între vis și realitate 2,în fiecare miercuri,fără cuvinte, ne trezim !!!

Bunicu’ se pensionează…

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bunicul se pensioneaza...(dați clic pe imagine pentru mărire)

Love for Israel

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fir de iarba

O fi tăcută lupta nu am de unde să ştiu dar, păstrând proporţiile, la mărimea şi la tendinţele lor opuse este, cred, colosală …

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Vrute și nevrute… :)))

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verzi si uscate-002
…palavre 😆 !
PS: postare programată !

La plimbare…

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…pe jos, cu mic cu mare  😆 am pornit !cu mic,cu mare 2 PS:postare programată !

„T”-uri de importanță majoră :)))

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turdatimisoreana nu știu cum e la alte litere,dar la „T”-uri, astea-s de mare importanță :)!!!

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