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Pianul-The Piano - T …în aer liber pe „Traseul sculpturilor” lângă Kibuț Hatzerim în deșertul Negev- The Piano on „The Sculpture Trail”, near Kibbutz Hatzerim in the Negev Desert


Jericho Jones

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Ethiopia 1

Lefty… :)))

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…Tadi,mica panteră neagră 😆 aici după manichiură 😉stangaciul(dați clic pe imagine pentru mărire)

Tadi, the little black panther 😆 here after manicure😉

O poză veche din arhivă-An old pictures of mine !

Tomorrow we can go see him and hug him…

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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

„So tomorrow we can go see him and hug him” I said. Lenny had woken me up to tell me that Haim had come home from the Gaza.

Haim is the son of one of Lenny’s childhood friends. I’ve known Haim almost a decade. Lenny has known him since infancy. He was always charismatic. Even as a small child. Haim has a friendly charm that makes you smile and an exuberant personality that can’t be ignored. 

He is a paratrooper and was one of the IDF soldiers on the ground in Gaza. Now he had come home.

Haim is just a few years older than Lenny’s sons and because of this Lenny had a visceral reaction to his life being in danger on the frontline. He imagined more vividly than ever before what it will be like to be in the position of a parent trying to go about his…

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The Glass Museum-Arad,Israel                         Muzeul sticlei din Arad(Israel) The Glass Museum Arad,Israel